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3 ways to clean bath toys

Bath toys are a great way to make bath time a lot of fun! But what happens when the kids are clean and the bath toys have been played and put aside? It may not be what you think about right away, but bath toys are an important item that need to be kept cleaned and stored well so our kids won't get sick from them! Check out the list below for 3 tips to keep bath toys clean:

  1. Bath toy bags: The best way to keep the toys clean is to make sure they get picked up after bath time and store in the mesh bath net instead of a regular plastic bin. So they have a chance to dry and prevent mold growing. This way you could also save money for buying new toys to replace the old ones. Why toss the old bath toys when you can keep them clean. 
  2. Dishwasher: This is good for plastic toys but not the foam types. Before popping toys in, make sure they can withstand the washing cycle and won’t melt. After they have gone through, squeeze out any water and allow them to air dry or place them in your toy mesh bag outdoors in direct sunlight, as the sun will work as a natural cleaning agent as well.
  3. Vinegar tub: Vinegar is a great, safe way for cleaning both plastic and foam bath toys. Pour a small amount of vinegar into a tub of warm water. Using a toothbrush, give the toys a good scrub in the vinegar/water mixture and let soak. Soak then squeeze out water with the spray toys. Dry well by placing them in your toy mesh bag in the sun.

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** courtny shows in below video how she organized her bath toys **


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